Our homeschool uses Tapestry of Grace.  While I certainly don't endorse it for everyone (because homeschools are as individual as each member that is in them and I believe there is no 'One Size Fits All' when it comes to curriculum) we do find that it has worked well for us.  Yet, T.O.G. can also be intimidating to use at first.  This page is where I'll list any helpful hints I can for using T.O.G. as well as any other helpful resources I've found for getting the most out of each week plan. 

Review:  The Self-Propelled Advantage by Joanne Calderwood :  One of my most favorite attributes of T.O.G. is that my kids gradually get to be self-propelled learners.  As my students get older, I find my role is less over their shoulder and more alongside them, gently guiding them as they think and reason through their weekly lessons.  This book by Joanne Calderwood does a great job of explaining what this type of learning looks like and its advantages.  Individual student planners to aid in this sort of method can be found at URtheMom.com

How I Organize My Homeschool: Part 1 : A post I did on how I organize my homeschool.
How I Organize My Homeschool: Part 2 : A post I did on how I organize my homeschool.
How I Organize My Homeschool: Part 3:  A post I did on how I organize my homeschool.
This post I did talks a little about using map transparencies.
 The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History : An art history timeline that goes well with the artist lessons in T.O.G.

Whatcha Got for the Time... :  Some resources and ideas for a timeline.  We add events and people to our ongoing timeline at the end of each week and it has been a great visual for the timing of events in history.

WWI Wrap Up - some videos we watched to wrap up and review some of the information we learned in TOG Year 4 Unit 1.

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