This is a list of links as they appear in my blog.  They are in no particular order.
This list includes:
  • Bible
  • Foreign Languages
  • Life Skills (Typing, Home Ec, First Aid, Etc.)
  • Health/ Physical Education (P.E.)
Last updated 11/6/2013

Bible Resources
Jews for Jesus : site with great Messianic Jewish information, lessons, and information. Be sure to check out the store.
Bible Study Planet : Free, online Bible studies for Adults, teens, and kids.
Apologia : Publisher of the Who is God? worldview curriculum and other worldview resources.
Answers in Genesis : Provides many resources for defending the Genesis account of Creation and worldview resources.
Summit Ministries : Christian worldview books and curriculum.
Worldview Academy : Camp for High School students focusing on Christian worldview.
Operation Christmas Child :  Put together a shoe box with supplies for a child in need this Christmas.
Operation World : List of countries with a brief description of praises and prayers to pray for each.
Biblical Counseling for Women : Blog for moms and women with Biblical advice and counsel.
Kids 4 Truth This site has Christian Biblical lessons, animations, and daily devotions appropriate for just about all ages.
Making a Jesse Tree - article I wrote with links and information on Jesse Tree
En Gedi Resource Center.net -  messianic perspective.  Daily Bible reading plan available.  Click on "Bible Commentary Series" in the main text area.  This will get you to the end of week commentaries/ devotionals.  Click on "Reading Schedule" to get the list of readings to do each day.  Lots of interesting articles, too.
Blue Letter Bible.org - Bible reading plans as well as different Bible text versions.
Bible Study Tools.com - Bible reading plans and many other Bible study tools such as a concordance, commentaries, dictionaries, parallel verses in different versions, etc.
Bible Gateway.com - Bible reading plans.  Different Bible versions and even languages are offered.
Study Light.org - Bible reading plans.
OT Bible Geneology - a look at an OT family tree. 
 AWANA homeschool : The AWANA program for homeschool.
Positive Action Bible Curriculum : Bible Curriculum for K-12

Foreign Language
Visual Link Spanish:  Computer Spanish Course.  Free lessons to take on the site before buying.
 Senor Jordan's Spanish Videos - Site with helpful videos of learning Spanish both beginner and advanced.
La Clase Divertida - Spanish curriculum we have used, teaches with video and CD, songs, activities.
ASL browser : Watch short videos on how to sign words correctly.
Flip Flop Spanish :  Spanish Curriculum for pre-K - 6th grade as well as French and ESL.  German coming soon.
chilloloa : Website to explore foreign languages.  Printable worksheets available.
UT Austin : Site where you can hear native Spanish speakers.
uni.edu : LOTS of Spanish links and games.
Spanish Dict : Free online Spanish/ English dictionary.
vocabulary.co.il : Various online foreign language games for reinforcement.
Professor Garfield : Have a story book read aloud to you in a foreign language.
Digital Dialects : Various online games in foreign languages, wide variety of languages presented.
bbc.co.uk : Links to various online lessons and games for learning foreign languages.
Start American Sign Language: site has information on deaf history, deaf culture, an ASL dictionary, and more.  You can also find free ASL lessons on the site

Life Skills
Goodtyping.com : online typing lessons
Free Typing Game.net : online free typing practice and lessons
Tots typing page :  online typing practice for the young grades.
Learn2Type: online typing curriculum for kids
The Etiquette Factory : Manners curriculum for pre-K - High School.
Sewing.org - a site dedicated to sewing.  On the left menu, click on "Guidelines for Sewing."  From there you can download and print off enough information to make your own sewing book / binder.  These are great for teaching as well as for future references.
Craft and Fabric Links - a whole Free Sewing Book online.
Sewing Support.com  These lessons are laid out a bit differently than the one above by tending to go a bit more into detail.  There are multiple lessons/ tutorials on this site that may prove helpful.
Kids Sewing Projects - a great place for those of us with smaller children to go.  This site is helpful for lessons as well as for projects appropriate for different age groups.
Burda Style - some online sewing instructions.
Pattern Review.com -  sewing lessons.  They do cost $ and are more geared toward teen - adult students, beginner to experienced.  Class offerings change every so often so check back.

Physical Education
Kids Bowl Free : National program for encouraging bowling over the summer.  Sign up and get vouchers for free bowling.
Presidential Physical Fitness Award : now available to homeschoolers!
Couch to 5K program : easy to follow program to use when starting with running
U.S. Fire Administration / FEMA - safety and fire prevention information.
National Fire Prevention Agency - Fire Prevention Week information.
 BAM (Body and Mind) website is geared toward kids and teaching and reinforcing lessons on health, physical fitness, and nutrition (from the CDC)
NIDA for teens (National Institute on Drug Abuse) - Website with lots of information on preventing drug, alcohol, and nicotine use in teens.
The Cool Spot - Website that addresses underage alcohol use.  Helpful peer pressure teaching, also.


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