Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WW I Wrap Up

This year for history we are studying 1900 to the present.  In fact, we just wrapped up our study of WW I and are continuing on through the Great Depression and WW II.  For fellow TOG users, we just finished Year 4 Unit 1 and are now into Unit 2.

Sometimes, these topics are a little hard for my kids to really comprehend.  Why did that happen?  How did that matter?  Why were they so angry over that?  It helps to have some sort of backup resource to help summarize what we've learned and "bring it home" so to say.

Enter Horrible Histories (at least for this round).  My brother-in-law and his family recently moved across the pond to Ireland.  As my niece and nephew were trying to get caught up with their primary history in the Irish school system, they found these BBC kids programs to be very helpful, if not entertaining.  My BIL says they memorized the Kings and Queens of England using one of the songs sung in a Horrible History episode.  I checked them out and found that, for history as it relates to the U.K., these videos can be helpful by putting the people and events into entertaining and funny sketches.  For example, this is how Horrible Histories explained how WWI began:

I'm not sure if that video actually cleared anything up for us...

If you go to You Tube and search for "Horrible Histories WWI" you'll find a list of short videos that deal with that era of history.  We watched videos on life in the trenches, what the soldiers ate, where are the British forces, the Battle of the Somme, and the history of the British Empire.  There are also a number of WWII videos we'll be looking at later.  Just note that these videos really only pertain to the war from the point of view of the U.K.  You won't find any information on the U.S. history as it regards the war in these videos.

Just fair warning, I wouldn't recommend watching these at the lunch or dinner table like we did.  The video about life in the trenches including being infested with lice and what they ate didn't really complement our dining experience. 


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