Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: The Story

One family that we know shared with us that they have family devotions using a simple children's Bible story book.  They simply go through the stories reading them at the dinner table.  Sometimes the story will spark a spirited discussion.  Other times not.  And that's perfectly OK.  The basic aim of the time is well spent either way with the sharing of the Word in such a way that all the family can understand.

I found this intriguing - that devotion time doesn't need to be ultra scholarly or layers deep.  Sometimes a simple approach does the job.   It was sometime later when The Story came out.  Put simply, its a Bible story book for all ages.  But, I think its geared more toward the adult audience.  I purchased it and have been using it in our homeschool to read aloud for our daily Bible time.  And, I think it has worked very well.

The Story is not separated like a typical Bible into chapter and verse.  Rather, it reads like a novel with small sections of summarization thrown in.  Each of the 31 chapters is another time in the telling of this history and so the narrative is in chronological order.  Like most children's Bible story books, The Story skips over some things and glosses over others.  So, for that reason, I don't think it is a good tool for Bible study.  But, as for hearing the whole Bible history in an easy to understand format (the text is taken from the NIV), I think The Story is a wonderful resource.  Just keep in mind that it isn't meant to be picked apart and studied in depth like a Bible passage would be. 

In our homeschool we have a time each day where we all meet together to go over some of the history we're learning for the week and listen to read-aloud books that have been suggested by our curriculum or that we just want to go through for fun.  During this time I read a section of The Story to the kids.  Usually I just read a section between the summaries or until I think I'm about to lose their attention (sometimes it doesn't take long at all!)  In this way, its taken about a year of school days and we are about to finish The Story and thus my kids, for the most part, will have heard the whole Bible narrative all the way through.  Can't complain about that!

If you're interested in trying The Story for your own family time, it just so happens that CBD has it on sale right now for only $5.

Also, if interested, the music CD Music Inspired by The Story can also be purchased.  Yes, just my own personal taste, but I really like this CD.  The songs sing you through the Bible from Genesis to the resurrection with popular Christian music artists.  If you listen to contemporary Christian radio, chances are you've heard some of the songs already.

I did not/will not receive any sort compensation for my review or suggestion of a retail site.  All information is of my own free opinion.


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