Monday, June 17, 2013

Always the Student

Learning is a lifetime habit.  Lately my kids have been asking me questions such as, "how long does college last?" and "how many years till I'm done with school?"  I know what they're getting at.  They want to hear that they'll know it all in 3 years or less.  Sorry, kid, you never stop learning (and that degree will probably take you 4-5 years or more).  [Insert sound of kids moaning here.]

Really, we all know by now that learning never stops.  Whether we're learning about what curriculum to buy, healthy foods to eat, or how to program a digital watch (which, you'd think with a college degree, I'd be better at that), learning is always happening.  Also, I like to be deliberate in drawing my children's attention to the fact that I'm taking the time to learn something new and that its enjoyable.  Its a very valuable life skill, in my own humble opinion.

We are currently on a break from school.  When we lived in the Southwest, we did year-round school because the summers were so hot there really wasn't much to do during the day;  might as well get some school time in.  Now that we live in a more bearable summertime climate (i.e. the bottom of our shoes don't melt when we step out the door) we take time off during this season.  This is my big chance during the year to learn something I've been wanting to try and get some projects done.  And, boy, according to my mental list, I've sure got some ambitions this year!

  • I've been looking into and trying to cook healthier foods and make better choices.  Its a pretty timely subject for me considering I just spent the better part of the last two weeks eating my year's quota of junk food, soda (travel) and BBQ (Father's Day).  Right now I'm learning how to make sourdough.  I hope the rest of the family gains a taste for it.
  • I have a knitting project that has been sitting on my fireplace mantel (the place where all unfinished projects seem to go) for the last 6 months.  Hopefully I can figure out where in the pattern I left off and get it completed.  That, or I'll have to start a new trend of wearing one-armed sweaters.
  • I would like to organize and paint our home office.  I'm hoping to come out alive.  Its a mess.  But, as its one of the first rooms you see when entering our home, I suppose I should get it in shape.  I haven't really seen any posts on Pinterest that show banker's boxes and Rubbermaid totes as a fashionable decorating style. 
  • I would like to get two rooms painted.  One will hopefully be the office.  Maybe the other should be my bedroom.  Months (maybe a year) ago I purchased some paint samples and painted patches of our bedroom wall to see what the colors would look like.  I liked the swatches, but not on my wall.  I've got a nice camo theme going, though.  I'm not into camo.
  • I've got a yearning to learn how to make jewelry - necklaces and bracelets to be exact.  That's weird considering the fact that I really don't wear much jewelry at all.  But, I'm considering taking a beginner's jewelry class through Craftsy.
  • I need to get back into sewing.  A long ago promise to teach my daughter to sew has gone neglected.  I have unfinished projects in that craft, also (at least one older than my youngest child).  And, I'm seeing the need to hone my seamstress abilities or make clothes for at least one of my children who has hips so narrow even adjustable slims look baggy on her (oh, those were the days...).
  • I need to get some cleaning done around the house; The deep-cleaning-in-long-forgotten-crevices type of cleaning.  Really, it needs to be done.  Its like a treasure hunt, though, so it doesn't bother me.
And, I hope to accomplish these things all while directing the kids to keep busy, going out for activities, and all my other regular chores and duties.  Think I can do it?  I think it'll be busy, but as I love to learn new and fun things and see the value in getting organized, I think whatever gets done will be good for us. 

Are you learning anything new?


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