Friday, February 22, 2013

History Sale at CBD

I am continuing my hunt for our 2013-2014 school year curriculum.  For anyone looking for history curriculum or resources, you still have a short while to take advantage of the history sale at CBD.

Mystery of History is on sale from Feb. 1-28th at a 30% discount.

Draw and Write Through History is on sale from Feb. 15th-28th at a 30% discount.

Story of the World is on sale from Feb. 18th-25th at a 40% discount.

I have used this retailer many times in the past and have found their prices to be competitive.  On the rare occurrence when I have had to return something or had a problem, their customer service was wonderful.

As my own personal focus right now is getting my hands on next year's curriculum with as little pain to my budget as possible, I'll continue to post sales and discounts as I find them.  Also, next week I'll be doing some book reviews on some books that we've gone through both with our school and personally.


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