Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Funny: An Egg-celent Video!

One morning while watching CNN Student News with the kiddos, we saw this video.  Amazing!
(Just so you know, upon the unexpected discovery the man exclaims, "Oh.  My.  G**!")

For anyone interested, CNN student news is a daily news broadcast made just for kids.  Its usually about 10 minutes long.  We have found the broadcasts to be well done and balanced in their presentations.  Though, sometimes topics are brought up that the kids and I discuss further afterward.  I appreciate that topics are presented in a way that foster independent thinking and a "What do you think?" questions are usually presented after such topics to encourage discussion. 

The stories all follow what is currently going on in the world and U.S. as well as some short feature articles and usually something educational.  For example, this week we heard an explanation of what the "sequester" is.  My elementary kids watch this broadcast, but I feel it could also be a great daily "current events" discussion starter for kids all the way up to high school.


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