Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing Resources for Homeschool Teachers

Please tell me I'm not to only one who struggles to teach "Writing" to my kids.

We have invested in various writing resources and curriculum.  Still, sometimes I need a little help or something different to get my kids to look forward to this subject.  Creative Juices Books is a website that has lots of great teaching information as well as guidance with writing ideas and prompts.  With a little planning, you could even turn it into a teaching plan for writing.  All free.  Good stories can even be published as I understand from this page that this site is provided by a small Christian publishing company located in Singapore. Be aware that there are ads located on this site.

For anyone who needs some encouragement or guidance in teaching this subject (I know I do), I highly recommend information as presented by IEW and Andrew Pudwa.  You can find some great articles on the IEW articles page.

For those interested, here are a few more sites to find free writing prompts:

Creativity-Portal : Tons of writing prompts and ideas.  These prompts are either pictorial, random, seasonal, or in several other categories.  Lots to pick from.

Is your child currently reading a good book?  Try some creative writing prompts as suggested by Design-your-homescool.  

Some suggested writing prompts from Homeschooling-ideas.com

Hundreds of free writing prompts for levels K-college at FreeWritingPrompts.net


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