Monday, December 17, 2012

Activities to Keep them Busy During a Break

We are taking a break from school work over the Christmas - New Year's weeks.  We need it.  Our schedule, due to an over planning mother (me), has been crazy!  An audit of our activities led us to drop a few things here and there.  I'm already looking forward to a more relaxed schedule when we start up again in 2013.

That is, if the world doesn't end on the 21st...

I've found in the past that if we drop EVERYTHING, we get lazy and it becomes even more difficult to pick up lessons once we get going again.  So, I do try to incorporate something fun but educational on most days of our break.
 This might be something like a board game, craft, going to a museum, ice skating, or a multitude of other activities.  I've found that this "down time" is a great time to do fun science experiments.  We end up with lots of time to do the experiment and even go further if we wish, without bogging down with worry that we need to get on to other subjects or how long it will take to clean up.  Sometimes the things I pick to do are meaningful to where later I can say, "Remember when we did .....?" and point to what we learned in our lesson.  Other times what we do is just based on having a little fun and sparking a little creativity and curiosity at the same time.

Here are a few spots to find activities to do for fun during your downtime this season, or even for school later on.  Enjoy!

Steve Spangler Science : The tab "Experiments" has a number of experiments and activities to do that use mostly household items.

All Kids Network : Lots of great ideas for kids crafts to keep them busy.  Also, some great worksheets are on the site.

All for Kids : Apparently this was/is a TV show with lots of learning activities presented by kids.  I haven't viewed the videos which are supposedly on iTunes and have aired on some networks.  I came across their website and found that it contained lots of different activities to do with sensible materials (most I can find in my home or substitute something to be able to do the activity).  There are lots of ideas presented from gardening, science, cooking, and building things.

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