Monday, November 5, 2012

Help! I Don't Know How to Teach This Math!

A common question I receive from non-homeschool parents is, "What do you do when you get to a topic you don't know how to teach?"  Generally, this comes when we are talking about things like higher level math or science.  My basic response is something like, "There are tons of resources available to help me."'s one of those resources.  This one involves Math. is a site with lots of helpful video lessons on Math by James L. Sousa, many of which are higher level math. know...sometimes we just need to hear an explanation a different way before we really understand certain topics.  I know I'm that way.

When you go to the site, be sure to look at the column on the right.  It contains links to the Mathispower4u YouTube channel and blog as well as some helpful navigation tips.

Other sites that might help with Math:

Khan Academy - Lots of free videos on Science and Math and other topics. - This links to the homeschool page which contains helpful articles and suggestions for online math courses.  Other helps can be found on the site with some navigation. - games and lessons.

And, don't forget to check out my Math tab for more links on math sites.

I did a Google search using the words 'help with math online free' and got lots of results including sites with forums to ask questions, tutors, and videos.  However, I hesitate to mention them on my blog simply because many of them involve asking questions in a forum.  And forums...well, they can be tricky, especially if they aren't moderated well.  Chances are many are safe and nothing to worry about.  Still, I wasn't able to investigate them thoroughly enough to really recommend them.  But, if you're in need, certainly do a search and see what comes up.  There's lots of online help for math on the net.


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