Monday, October 8, 2012

Learning About our Presidents

The topic of the upcoming election has brought up the opportunity in our homeschool of studying the U.S. presidents of the past.  It'll be interesting to see who our next president will be (wow!! The election is only a month away!).  Yet, its always good to learn from the past.

Here are a few sites worth a look if you are interested in such lessons about our presidents for your homeschool.

The Portrait - This interactive website features a portrait of George Washington.  Go through the portrait to discover historical, symbolic, and biographical elements of the painting and on information on our first beloved president.  Try the "kids" tab to find clues and solve a mystery while finding out interesting facts along the way.

The American Presidency Project  - An absolute wealth of information!!  This is a non-biased site with information of all sorts related to the presidency: inaugural addresses, press briefings, FDR's fireside chats, political platforms for each party (even way back to the Whigs), debates, economic reports, and more and more and more.  Just about anything you wanted to know about a president, without commentary, can be found on this site.

Hulu : Inaugural Speeches - If reading inaugural speeches isn't your thing, you can watch some as they were televised on Hulu.

ipl2 : POTUS - This site has information on each president in a organized in a concise, easy to read format.  Here you can click on a president and find out things like the nickname, religion, and election results.  Also listed are their cabinet members, notable documents, media resources, and more.  Note that some of the information on the site will take you to yet another website.

Well, I think that's a good list to get you started!


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