Friday, October 26, 2012

Another President Resource

I know, I know...I seem to be fixated on the Presidents this year.

The kids and I are learning about the presidents this year, one at a time starting with Washington.  Only, their attention and hunger for learning about each isn't as enthusiastic as my own. 
So, I have been keeping my eyes open for ways of presenting them with condensed information to sum up our learning.  Just reviewing the information orally was causing their eyes to roll back and snoring sounds to emit from their mouths.

Really, I can't blame them.  I wasn't interested in old fuddy-duddy Presidents when I was their age, either.

Then, I came upon an app for my iPad.  (I would link you to the app here...but I couldn't figure that out in between refereeing my kid's constant arguing.  A perfect reason to escape and write a blog post, don't you think?)

The app is The American Presidents put out by Disney Learning.  My kid's favorite part of the app are the short and entertaining but informative videos that you can watch about each president.  I found that YouTube also has these videos listed under the Disney Learning Channel.

If you go to YouTube and search for:  Disney the American Presidents (the name of the president)  you'll get where you should go.  Again, I would link you but 44 links is a lot to include in this post.  I'll let you find them on your own.  Or, go to the YouTube Disney Learning Channel.  There's a sample video there or you can search directly from their channel. 

Please use precaution when going on YouTube.  Not all the videos on the site are family friendly and even the suggested videos in the sidebar can be raunchy and inappropriate. 


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