Monday, August 27, 2012

Duct Tape Weapons

I'm a little sad that we aren't studying Medieval times (again) this year in our homeschool.  Why?  Because I just found an awesome site on making weapons with duct tape!

OK, so maybe this isn't anything earth-shatteringly new.  But, you have to understand that I'm a mom who grew up with only sisters.  And, I'm sort of a girly mom, too.  Knitting, baking...these are the things I tend to get excited about.  Duct tape and boys and weapons - that's such a natural combination.  Now that my daughters are big enough to somewhat defend themselves, I may have to give these play weapons a closer look.

Warfare By Duct Tape is a site I saw advertised in a magazine.  I had to go check it out.  Very cool, guys, very cool.  Two teen boys, through imaginative play, came up with some neat, historical duct tape weapons.  They have since put together some e-books with instructions at very reasonable prices.  Check 'em out!

There are also various places on the Internet where you can find instructions on how to make duct tape weapons for free.  Two of which that I like are this instructable on how to make a sword and this instructable on how to make a battle axe. 

Gotta figure out how to incorporate this into school somehow this year...


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