Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Olympics

The Olympics are this summer!!

 My husband has informed me that opening ceremonies are this Friday (July 27th).  I'm trusting he's correct.  I barely know what day it is lately due to being holed up in our office trying to map out the school year and our first week's assignments.  Our school year is coming up all too quickly.

Events such as the Olympics are great learning opportunities.  I try to take advantage of them whenever I can.  Here are a couple of links to some learning materials related to the Olympics.

Tinyme.com has some printables available including a medal count tally, a game, personalized medals, and opening ceremony bingo cards.

Currclick has lots of Olympic related items available.  Their site says that there are 12 free country studies hidden on the site - just find them and they're yours!  Click the "Olympic Sale" button on the left to see various Olympic themed products for sale, some for less than $1.

NBC is airing the Olympics this year.  Here is a link to their page where you can find schedules, news, medal counts, information on the US athletes, and more.

Here is the official Olympic website.  There you can find information on each sport, more about the host country and city, the gist on those odd mascots, and much much more.  This is a very handy website to bookmark and refer back to while watching the games.

Homeschoolshare has a free unit study available including some printables to use related to the 2012 Olympics.  Note that this is a very basic unit study with a recommended reading list and printables.  The rest is up to you.

Remember, you don't have to make the kids sit, read, and write to get them to appreciate the games.  Watching the competition is sometimes the best teacher.  Or, get out and have your own Olympics.  I was recently reminded of the year we did an Olympic unit study.  We ended our study with our own little Olympics at the park including a torch relay (made of a paper towel tube and construction paper) several events that we made up, medals, and a closing ceremony that included a cake with M&M's on it to look like the Olympic flags / rings.

Let the games begin!!

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