Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teacher Discounts

I've mentioned it before that many time homeschooling moms and dads often qualify for educator discounts.  Here is a post listing 66 available teacher discounts.

I can't guarantee that we (homeschoolers) are eligible for all of these discounts.  But, I have participated in a few and have rarely had any problem signing up.  A few tips:  1) If you belong to HSLDA or some other organization that issues membership cards (your local or state homeschool organization are also good ones) bring those cards with you.  On a couple of occasions I was asked for proof that I homeschool and those cards were sufficient.  In my state, I also have to notify the school district of our intent to homeschool.  The resulting approval letter that I get I make a copy and keep it in my purse - it also helps if anyone wants verification of our homeschooling status.  2)  Many of the companies that will offer educator discounts, you can sign up online lessening any in-store hassle you may anticipate (crying or whiny kids, confused clerks, etc.)  And 3)  Usually when I sign up I don't put forth that we homeschool unless I'm asked.  I don't try to be sneaky or  anything.  It just seems that if I put forth that we homeschool or ask specifically about homeschool discounts, the inexperienced clerks get confused and end up unsure if they should issue a discount to me or not.  Usually there is an application involved.  When I fill that out I put that the school I am associated with is "Homeschool."  If there's a problem with it, I figure they can always flag the card later.  Or, in the case with signing up online, they'll figure it out before they even send me the card.


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