Monday, June 18, 2012

Schoolhouse Teachers is a new resource I came across recently.  Or rather, it came across me.  Honestly, I don't know exactly how I got involved in this.  I suspect it has to do with something I signed up for at a convention and then forgot about.  All I know is I received an e-mail telling me my login and password and "welcome."  "What did I sign up for now?" I wondered.  Well, I'm very glad I took the time to investigate.

The Lowdown is a site chalk full of resources for the homeschool family, teacher and student.  This site is put together by the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  If you're familiar with the magazine, then you can well expect that this site is full of lots of helpful information for you as a homeschooler.  Yet, it also contains lots of lessons and plans to use in your homeschool.  The lessons can be used monthly, weekly, or even daily.  Plus, the site is growing.  New information is being added regularly and the site promises to be a great resource for those of us who need some ideas for lessons but perhaps not the money to buy something new.

The site, with all its great information, is not free.  But, it is very reasonably priced (in my opinion) given all the great information it contains.  Right now you can subscribe for the first month for $1 to just try it out.  After that, the monthly subscription price is $5.95 / month.  The site claims you can cancel at any time.  The membership entitles you to the plans and assignments listed on the site, an electronic subscription to TOS as well as access to back issues, free planners to download, some free e-books, webinars, and more.

Information on the site is directed toward kids in K-12th (though not all grades are represented in all lessons).  So, this site is appropriate no matter which grade your kids are in.

What I'm Excited About
I'm excited about how little this site costs for a subscription compared to all that is available.  Some things I'm looking to use include printable copybooks that I can print off and use for my daughter's handwriting practice.  I'm interested to see what webinars come available as there are a couple of subjects I could use some help with.  The Schoolhouse Dailies section includes art lessons and some good writing prompts that I'm already planning on using.  I'm also looking at the This Day in History section to see if it would be a good fit for our homeschool.

Looking ahead, I'm excited that this resource appears to be a great place for help with high school.  Already I see lessons for Chemistry, Film making, and Economics as well as career exploration and college choice guidance.  And, from what I see, the information and lessons on the site are all submitted by reputable sources such as Diana Waring, Adam Andrews, Terri Johnson, and more.  (Don't know who they are - check them out on the site!)

To the right I am putting an affiliate link to  If you subscribe to, please consider doing so through my link. Or don't.  It won't hurt my feelings.   Using my link will benefit me in the way of reduced fees on a subscirption.  However, this isn't the only reason I've written about this resource and provided the link.  I really do think its worth a look just for all the great information and resources it already has available for those of us who homeschool (and more to come!).


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