Monday, June 11, 2012


Now that the chicks are gone and happily residing with their new owners, its time to get on with other things in life.  Lately, that has been addressing my kid's lack of a summer wardrobe.

My son is pretty easy to dress; a shirt, shorts, and flip-flops and he's ready to go. (On a side note - remember when flip-flops were called "thongs?"  Nowadays you ask someone if they've seen your thongs and they will back away slowly never to look at you the same again.)


My daughters are bit more tricky to dress.  I prefer they dress in a modest style which includes shorts and skirts at at least knee-length, shirts that cover everything they should, cuts of fabric that don't lead onlookers to believe there's something there that isn't, and nothing exposed that wouldn't be covered by a one-piece bathing suit from the early 20th century.  A little old fashioned?  Perhaps.  But I don't think I'm unreasonable.

Then, my older daughter started asking questions.  "Why can't I wear that?  My friend does."  and "What's wrong with this?"  Then, "What do you mean by 'modest'?"


I struggled with how exactly to teach modesty.  I'm still attempting it, though.  Secret Keeper Girl has been a great help.  The 'Truth or Bare' tests for fashion are 6 basic rules to help with deciding whether an article of clothing can be considered modest or not.  Of course, the usefulness of the rules for you will rest upon what you consider appropriate.  For us, these rules work well.  Their blog also has some good tips.

I did pre-view a couple of their items (totally on my own.  To them I was just a regular customer).  I watched the Secret Keeper Girl Live the DVD.  It was...OK.  Its a recording of a live event that they put on in different cities.  It may be appropriate if you have a group of girls to show it to.  I didn't think it was too fun for individual watching, but I haven't shown it to my daughter yet so I don't have her recommendation yet.  The audience in the DVD is filled with pre-teen girls (I would guess 7-12) and their mothers.

I also obtained and read their book Secret Keeper The Delacate Power of Modesty by Dannah Gresh.  I was more impressed with this and will pass it on to my daughter when she's old enough.  This book is geared toward teen girls and does talk frankly about why we don't want to dress in an immodest way (think purity). So, some may want to pre-read this little book before handing it to their daughter.  But, really, it shouldn't be anything they haven't already heard or discussed. But, because of that content, its not really intended for the younger set.  The book is short and a quick read (about 87 pages with some places for notes in the back).

There is a whole line of Secret Keeper Girl items including devotions and such.  I didn't look into those.

All this information was great.  That was, until I got to the store and found that the fashion this year is for girls to wear shorts that are made out of as little fabric as possible.  Perhaps I could have found knee-length ones at the more expensive stores, but we are on a budget.  So what did I do?  In my frustration, while at Old Navy, I wandered over to the boys section.  There I found perfectly suitable shorts for both my girls that were knee length.  And, no, they don't look boy-ish.  They are pretty generic, actually.  And, they look great.  At the time they were on sale so they were affordable, also.

Other tricks we're using:  With shirts that are too low or reveal a little too much we are layering with some wide shouldered, long tanks.  This also works well when pants are a little low - long tanks that can be tucked in so there's no exposure down below when the girls sit down or bend over.  And, lastly, the old method of wearing bicycle shorts or leggings under skirts and dresses.  They are in good supply now so I've been stocking up on those.

So there is hope for modest dressing in today's fashions for young girls.

As to actually teaching modesty?  We're still working on that.  I found this lapbook from Knowledge Box Central on modesty.  We may be working on this during our summer break.


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