Monday, March 5, 2012

Remembering Anne Frank

When it comes to history, we can learn dates and events until they utterly saturate our grey matter.  Sometimes it just takes a personalization of history, a face to put to the events, that makes it all the more real and not just another article in a text.

Anne Frank is one of those precious faces in time that we recognize- a young girl so innocent and lively, yet a tragic victim of an era of hate and violence.

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam has a wonderful website well worth visiting.  Here you can go on a virtual tour of where Anne, her family, and fellow house-mates hid from the Nazis for two years.  You can see pictures of Anne and read through a timeline of events, view videos of her father's interviews, and read about the other inhabitants of the house as well as the helpers.  There is so  much to see and interact with at this site.  It is well worth your time - and be prepared to spend a while there.

A terrific site to visit during a study of WWII.


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