Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Fun Science Site for Kids

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Science for Kids is a great site for reinforcing science lessons in your homeschool.  Its got all kinds of information to look through and learn from.  Different sections on the site include:  experiments, games, facts, quizzes, projects, lessons, images, and videos.  There's even fun things on the site like jokes and weird science.

I glanced through the site and immediately thought it would be a great site to send my son to during school for fun or to reinforce some school lessons.  The experiments looked interesting.  I'm going to be looking more closely at those for some summertime fun things to do.  The games - meh.  I could take them or leave them but they do have educational value which I like.  And, I thought the "lessons" tab contained some great ideas for experiments and activities to do to enhance the lessons we were already learning.

There are ads on the site which I found annoying, but not inappropriate.  Just be sure your child knows what's an ad and what's not so they don't accidentally end up somewhere in cyberspace they didn't mean to go -the ads and the text weren't didn't always seem obviously separated.


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