Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday Funny #3: Ryan Gosling and Homeschool

After a hard day homeschooling, sometimes we just need someone to listen to our struggles, care about what we use to teach phonics, and understand that messes are par for the course when learning.  Husbands take note - Ryan Gosling has got it right.

Or, we'd like to think he does.

Let me explain.  Apparently there is an ever popular meme going around where there's a handsome picture of Ryan Gosling and he says "Hey Girl (insert a supportive, caring statement about whatever you want, tongue-in-cheek.)"  This is apparently a take-off from a popular movie that my husband has seen and I have not - he had to explain it to me.  Not that I would actually ogle over these pictures (I'm pretty sure I'm just about old enough to be his mom), but they are funny in a I-wish-my-husband-took-that-much-interest-and-understood-the-struggles-I-have-every-day-and-why-the-house-is-never-clean sort of way.  And, no, I can't really picture my husband saying those things.

I'll just imagine that Ryan Gosling really does care that much about homeschooling and be immensely jealous of his future wife.  Lucky gal.

Homeschool Ryan Gosling


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