Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday Funny #2: Dirty Political Ads c. 1800

As Super Tuesday approaches, we are seeing more and more political ads.  No matter which candidate one is for, there will always be cries of "foul" over the negative ads of the opponent.  But, is that really something new?  Has there ever been civility when it comes to U.S. elections?

Most likely not.

Here's a sampling of what a TV ad might have looked like had there been TV in 1800.  The dialog is supposedly taken from actual statements made for, against, and even by the founding fathers.  I watched this and laughed out loud simply because the statements made were so horrible they were actually absurd.

That, and I've never been called a "Hatchet- faced nutmeg dealer" before.

Fair warning to those with sensitive ears - there is a word toward the end, that though I believe it was included in an actual quote, can be offensive (bas****).


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