Monday, January 9, 2012

Health: Games and Information

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"Health" is a subject I strive to teach my kids.  Ok, so part of that motivation comes from my state's requirements, but its still is a subject that has life-long benefits (unlike my high school pre-calculus class....but, I digress).

There are some great health curriculum on the market right now.  Yet, there are also some great online, free resources we can use.  One such resource is from the CDC.  Their BAM (Body and Mind) website is geared toward kids and teaching and reinforcing lessons on health, physical fitness, and nutrition.  Best geared toward elementary and middle school kids, the lessons and games are presented in a fun, colorful, and cartoonish way. 

Some of the resources on the BAM! website that caught my eye:  a physical fitness calendar, the dining decisions game teaching about making good food choices, a lesson on Tsunamis and how they affect the health of so many, and the ad decoder was a good look into advertising gimmicks.

All the games and lessons were short and quick.  Don't expect your child to spend a lot of time going through any one section.  And, of course, its always best to preview sites to make sure they line up to your personal beliefs.  If you have a personal conviction regarding vaccinations, be forewarned that the CDC, obviously, promotes vaccinations in the "Diseases" section.

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