Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year Through the Bible

I attended a talk once (but I can't remember the exact speaker) where the speaker said that to each of his kids he offered an agreement: if they could read through the whole Bible in a year, he would give them $100.

At first this sounded preposterous to me.  PAY kids to read the Bible?  and $100!!  Areyoukiddingme?!! 

But then, as I remember it, the speaker explained that it was a win-win deal.  His kids would be getting into the Word.  They would get into the habit of reading it each day.  They would read the whole Bible.  And, there was positive reinforcement at the end.  (The parent's "win" in this deal is to see that the Word was read each day, and the habit of reading the Bible was developing.)

Its starting to make sense to me.  Yes, I would prefer that my kids do an in-depth study of the Word and glean every morsel of truth it bears.  Yet, you can't get anything from it if you're not in it.  And really, its not hard to save $100 over a year's time (and I noted that the speaker didn't reward his kids early if they finished early). 

Plus, I could probably due with reading through the Bible again, too.  It never gets old.

Really, you can start a year-through-the-Bible reading plan at any time.  Here are a few resources for online reading plans to follow. 

Study - several different ways to organize your reading are offered:  in a year, straight through, chronological order, and historical order.  Simply go to the website and read.  Use the navibar to go back if you missed a day.

Bible - also offers a few different plans.  Different Bible versions and even languages are offered.

Bible Study - register for free and then you can log in each day and keep track of your progress.  Again, several different plans are available.  This site has many other Bible study tools available such as a concordance, commentaries, dictionaries, parallel verses in different versions, etc. 

Blue Letter - Several different plans to choose from are available including a 2-year plan, if 1 year seems a little daunting or you just want more time to digest what you've read.  This site also offers a downloadable plan if you would like to print that off and then read at your leisure from your own text.  Or, create a personal profile and keep track of your reading.

En Gedi Resource - offers a more messianic perspective.  You can print off the daily reading plans (no online text available).  To get to the plan, click on "Bible Commentary Series" in the main text area.  This will get you to the end of week commentaries/ devotionals.  Click on "Reading Schedule" to get the list of readings to do each day.  This site is pretty low-tech compared to the others, but I like the author's perspective so I thought I'd include it.


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