Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Learn and Do Unit Studies

I thought I would share with you a resource I've been using lately.  Learn and Do Unit Studies are well put together unit studies put out by Kym Wright.  No, they're not free.  But, I haven't been disappointed, either. 

Art is a long neglected subject at our house.  I wanted something that was simple yet substantial.  In other words, more than just cutting and pasting or macaroni art.  And, as a personal preference, something that didn't require me to spend an hour cleaning after we were done.  Kym Wright's Color Adventure was just what I was looking for!

We do one lesson per week where we talk about different aspects of color and then view examples of art that incorporate what we've learned about.  Pretty simple.  And, the kids are enjoying it.  Each lesson we color in a part of a color wheel.  When we're done we'll assemble them all into a little booklet or folder so they can show what they've learned.  That's how we use this unit study.  But, if that doesn't sound like enough, don't worry. There are lots of options for expanding the lessons included in the unit study including incorporating biographies, vocabulary, and projects.  Twenty-four to thirty lessons are included in this study (depending on how long you take for each lesson).

The Color and Do unit study included all the written material from which to teach from (short and to the point), lesson plans, and suggestions for teaching.  I really liked having the downloadable version.  I could print off the pages I needed from my computer.  And, when it came to viewing the artwork, the pictures were included in the study - I didn't have to go hunting through broken Internet links to view them.

What I might have liked to see more of?  While there were lots of images to look at, there were very few artists mentioned.  The artists weren't the topic of the lesson, however, so I understand.  The idea was to view the art to get an idea of how color was utilized.  Still, it would make assigning a biography much easier if more names of artists were thrown out there for us to use (I had to dig to find the few names mentioned).  I also noticed that on her product description, a mention was made of an "interactive website."  I didn't find this in the unit I purchased.  However, the artwork and color samples were included in the pdf download.

Kym Wright has a number of other unit studies to choose from including photography, microscope, botany, and more.  All are downloadable, or for an additional fee you can order a print version.


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