Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeschool Math Help

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  Math is one of those subjects that we all need to learn.  Some kids are just naturally math minded and seem to do well with any text that has numbers in it.  But, others struggle.  It can be frustrating and tiresome to try to locate the perfect curriculum or help that will allow our kids to understand the logic of numbers and how they work.

I envision Home School Math as a website with a cape.  Its here to save the day!  Or, at least to help guide us when we need help choosing a math curriculum (which can be a daunting task).

Home School Math has helpful articles on how to choose a math curriculum, what to look for, a list of free or inexpensive curricula, lists of websites, reviews of curricula, and more.  A great resource for those of us struggling (or with kids that are struggling) to find the "right" math curriculum.


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