Friday, November 18, 2011

Daily Devotions for Kids, and More

Kids 4 Truth is a great website I came across recently.  This site has Christian Biblical lessons, animations, and daily devotions appropriate for just about all ages.  The animations, or "Dynamations" as they are called, are well done and I enjoyed watching a few.  The "Stuff to Do" tab includes a few coloring pages and some information on a handful of missionaries and their ministries. 

The part I really liked, though, was the "Daily Devotions."  This takes you to a page where each day there is listed a daily devotion.  These are short and to the point.  They make sense and communicate a truth.  I like that these are presented in both a readable style as well as audio.

On the same page, you may also find "Truth in Real Life Moments."  These are short little narratives that are interesting stories of people and how they displayed their faith.  These appear to be updated weekly.  They are short and enjoyable.

The Daily Devotions and the Truth in Real Life Moments, both written and as podcasts, are available by RSS feed if you wish to subscribe.

Have a great weekend!

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