Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reaping from Another's Homeschool Ideas

There tends to be a certain amount of creativity when it comes to teaching.  A challenge presents with each lesson to find ways to help the information sink in, or even to present it in a clear manner.  I find it personally helpful to glean some suggestions for spicing up lessons or reinforcing subject matter from other homeschool moms (mainly because I lack that critical creativity gene).  Yup, I am completely unashamed to admit that I don't reinvent the wheel each time I teach my kids a lesson.  If you found a great way to teach something and I've heard about it, I just might use it.  Please think of it as less of plagiarism and more of admiration.

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop is one site I have found with some great downloads to help reinforce lessons and teach various concepts.  As I understand it, Mrs. McHenry has had a varied past with teaching and homeschooling.  On her website she shares lesson plans, activities, and games that have worked for her students.  Several different subjects are represented.  There are a few links for each subject, but it appears the site is being added to from time to time - so check back.


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