Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Lessons

The homeschooling laws in the state I live in say I am required to teach Fine Arts and Music each year.  For, oh many reasons, we are not prepared right now to put our children in instrumental lessons just yet.  So, how do I meet this requirement?

Well, technically, they don't have to play an instrument to be instructed in music.  My kids have been listening to music and learning about the different composers.  Famous Composers by Darren Henley is a really nice CD for this.  The music is narrated to tell you about the composers.  Then, CD can also be put into your computer where you can listen to the complete work of music as well as read or print out more information about the composer. 

Making Music Fun is a website we have enjoyed to go along with our composer studies.  This site has some free worksheets to print off, some brief composer biographies, and a little section of Homeschool Teacher resources.

This site is one that I went through with my son.  To earn his Webelos badge, he had to learn a little about music including how to read music.  This was a great, brief but effective site to learn.  Combined with some worksheets from the Making Music Fun site, it was a great lesson!  (And, yes, our little lesson was enough to satisfy his badge requirements).

This is a very brief mention of some sites for a subject that is very broad.  At least, if you're in the same situation that I'm in - where I needed to teach some sort of music lesson, perhaps this helps.

On the lookout for more sites,

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