Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping Little Ones Occupied

I have a three-year-old.  She likes attention.  And, I love to give her attention.  But, when I'm trying to teach her older siblings, I need her to be occupied with something that doesn't involve a sharpie and various pieces of furniture or wall space.

Enter the computer.

At three?  At one time I really would have questioned the wisdom of this.  Yet, when I have given my pre-schooler a try at the computer, she has done better than I expected with maneuvering the mouse and clicking on items on the screen.

Now, there are the typical pre-school standby websites to go to - Starfall and PBS Kids.  Both are good sites with learning type games and no ads.  I'll add one more - Barnes and Noble.  At this link Barnes and Noble have an online story time.  A selection of children's  books are read by their authors.  While I would love to sit and read to her myself (and I do each day) she can be happily occupied with these stories - which gives me time for uninterrupted one-one-one time with her siblings.  The selection is only about 13 books.  But, I understand a new one is added each month.

While screen time isn't the only activity I have my pre-schooler do when I need her to be occupied, it is one of her favorite.  How nice to find a few places on the web where she can play.

Another site for online story time:
Storyline Online - Well done and a good selection of popular books.  A pop-up survey may appear after the book is read (just so you know).


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