Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Graphing Poll Data: An Election Project

Elections are perfect opportunities for us to focus some of our homeschooling brain cells on civics lessons.  While the actual presidential election isn't until next year, my hubby sent me a link along with a suggestion, "Why not start now?"

So, if anyone else is interested, here is the link to Real Clear Politics Poll page.  It would be an interesting project to check in on the poll data each day and see how each of the Republican candidates was doing.  Then, to compare that to who actually wins the nomination.  The homeschool lesson potential here is pretty high:  math, graphing, civics, and even more if you analyze the data according to the latest dirt in the news (psychology, anthropology, statistics, etc.)

There is a plethora of information at Real Clear Politics, by the way.  My head started to spin and my eyes cross when I tried to look at it all.  It was just too much - especially when I had just finished sitting and playing Starfall with my daughter.  I did notice, though, that last week the polls were all about Romney vs Perry.  This week it seems to be Cain vs Romney.  It'll be interesting to see next week who is battling for the top spot.


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