Monday, October 31, 2011

Current Events Resource

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If you like to go over current events with your high schooler, or even if you would like to set up a current events class, the Student News Daily is a helpful resource for daily articles and questions related to our world.

This website publishes daily articles complete with questions as well as a weekly quiz.  Answers are available via e-mail.  Topics of the news items featured run anywhere from local and national news to news from around the world.  Though the articles featured may themselves be biased or a commentary, the questions used to help understand the article are usually unbiased and based on comprehension.  See the site's archive tab to see how different days of the week are divided up (i.e. Tuesdays World Briefs, Thursdays commentary, etc.)

The Student News Daily website also has a few extra features that are timely and interesting including a page describing the differences between liberals and conservatives and their stance on certain issues.  This would be a great resource page for those studying politics and the upcoming election.  There is also an "Election 2011" tab which is helpful for looking up information on your state's elections and political platforms.


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