Monday, September 12, 2011

Audio Books for Your Homeschool

Off to the right I have a link for My Audio School.  My audio school is a site which offers downloadable audio files for books.  A decent selection is offered for free.  Others can be accessed if you pay the $14.99 annual fee.  The site claims it will offer a discount to schools and homeschool groups.

The audio files downloaded can then be burned onto a disc or loaded onto an mp3 player for your listening pleasure.  For a long time I was a staunch advocate that reading assignments must be READ.  But, I am softening my stance on that as I find my own kids renting audio players with books on them at the library, then doing double duty during the day while listening to these books.  For instance, my son will work on an independent art project while listening to a book.  Or, sometimes he does his math practice while listening to a book.  Or, he reads his reading assignment while liste......well, that went too far and was stopped.  But, you get my drift.  If he's going to listen to a book, why not have him listen to something for school.  I found a decent amount of our books for school listed on the site as audio books.

I'm even looking at a couple of the titles for myself.  Perhaps I'll get a couple chapters in while doing the dishes.


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