Monday, August 1, 2011

Praying for the World

In teaching my kids about cultures and populations around the world, I try to impress upon them that we need to be prayerful for all people.  Sometimes its hard to know exactly what to pray, though.  Operation World is a wonderful resource we use for this.  In this book is listed all the countries, information on each, and specific prayers and praises.

Operation World's Website is a much more abbreviated version of the book.  It does list some information on the countries listed and some things to pray for.  It is a constant battle for me to get the kids to look beyond themselves and to think and pray for others.  With resources like Operation World, I can help show them how and what to pray for others as well as open discussions as to how our faith crosses the boundaries of countries and culture.  I enjoy praying with my kids and showing them how to approach our Lord with our love and concerns for others.


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