Friday, August 19, 2011

A Little Wisdom for the Day

Craziness.  It seeps into the parts of my life like water into a sinking ship.  If I don't get it pumped out quickly enough I really do feel like I'm going to drown.  It comes in the form of my 3 year-old who can't seem to stop herself from writing or coloring on such odd objects as the carpet and hidden wall spaces.  My other daughter has a current fetish with temporary tattoos and likes to refer to herself as a "biker chick."  Or, my son who has an ever growing list of activities he's involved with and his chauffeur (me) isn't sure we can do it all.  Or, the bills that think its OK to come every 3 months and be due during the same pay period.


Really, these are just the things that come up with this thing called life and motherhood.  Its how we deal with these challenges that really is the craziness....for me, anyway.  That's why I find it nice when I come across some great advice or counseling to ground me in my actions and attitudes.  Its so easy to convince myself that I'm right and everyone else is just plain wrong or selfish or near sighted or...  Really, usually its the other way round. 

I've been reading a blog lately that has helped me to readjust my attitude and actions.  It is Biblical Counseling for Women.  I've really enjoyed this blog and having that little bit of wisdom and thought to chew on for the day.

I hope you enjoy it too.

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