Monday, August 8, 2011

Asking Questions

Have you ever just wanted to ask someone a question about homeschooling, but didn't know who to ask?  Or, you just wanted to hear an opinion on how to teach a certain subject?  Or perhaps you just wanted some new ideas for your homeschool.

I recently came across the blog called Homeschooling-ideas.  Its a blog filled with questions people have asked and ideas for homeschool.  I found it interesting to scroll through some of the q & a's that were posted.  I didn't always agree with the advice given or the viewpoint shared, but hey, that's no biggie.  Anyone with a question regarding homeschooling, be it how to schedule your day or some educational ways to use your ipod, you could search the site and find some sort of answer.  If not, you could always ask the question yourself.

Homeschooling-ideas is a good site to bookmark as a reference site for when you want to explore the answer to a question or need some inspiration for your homeschool.


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