Monday, July 11, 2011

School Supply Sales

This weekend I saw the first fliers with sale ads for school supplies.  And, some of the sales are excellent.  In my area Walgreens, Staples, and Target all had some great discounts on supplies.

Homeschooling does have an advantage in that, at least at our home, we don't need to stock up on supplies as much as some of the public school kids do.  We buy our paper, notebooks, pencils and glue.  But, things like crayons - we have a whole tub full.  And scissors, got 'em.  Backpacks and lunch boxes - don't need 'em.  But, we still stock up on certain supplies each year.  Why?  We're thinking ahead to Christmas.  We use some of these items to help stock shoe boxes to give to needy children through Operation Christmas Child.  Other uses could be to donate the items to homeless shelters or women's shelters.  Many children in our country are homeless.  How nice to show up to a shelter and be welcomed by some new crayons, paper, and pencils, and maybe some art supplies!  Or, how about giving away cents worth of pencils and crayons to Halloween visitors instead of candy.  Sometimes, these items end up as later stocking stuffers or for other little gifts.

Time to make my list and go to the store.

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