Friday, July 22, 2011


A teacher friend of mine once explained to me that when you present a topic using at least 3 different learning modalities, your kids will benefit with the best recall of that information.  In other words, if you present a lesson to your kids and in that lesson you utilize something auditory, something tactile, and something kinesthetic, then they will remember that lesson much better than a lesson that they just simply had to listen to.

Makes sense.  Looking back at my own education, this statement seems to be true.  With that approach you're bound to hit upon some one's learning style sooner or later.

Notebooking is one of those ways utilizing a variety of learning styles into one activity.  While putting together some of my own lesson plans for this upcoming year, somehow I ended up on Harmony Art Mom's blog.  I found this article she wrote on how to do timeline notebooking very interesting.  I can see that this method would include the student drawing and writing (tactile),  reading a lesson and then narrating it back through writing (visual and tactile, possibly auditory if the lesson was read aloud), and that the construction of the timeline would be somewhat tactile and kinesthetic.  (Please note that I'm not an expert at this.)

I also liked these ideas she had for creating a timeline.

Can you tell I'm interested in creating time lines this year?

Harmony Art Mom also has this great list of resources to use for notebooking.  I'm looking forward to implementing some of this into my own homeschool this year.


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