Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tools for our (Home)Schools

Ever wish you had some sort of worksheet or game to go along with a lesson?  Tools for Educators is a website that offers free tools to use.  On this site there is:
  • Word search maker
  • Dice maker
  • Board game maker
  • Crossword puzzle maker
  • Bingo board maker
  • Maze maker
  • Domino maker
  • Spelling worksheet maker
  • Reading sheet wizard
  • Writing, spelling and tracing worksheets
  • Certificate templates
  • Handout creator
  • Picture dictionary maker
  • Listening test worksheet creator
  • Word bank worksheet creator
  • Comic strip dialogue maker
And, its all free. 

(Be warned that there are ads on the sidebar of this site.  While I didn't take notice of most, one greeting card ad flashed a picture by that was questionable.) 


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  1. Excellent resource as usual. Thanks for sharing.


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