Monday, May 16, 2011

Science Experiments to Try

I am a fan of Aurora Lipper and Supercharged Science.  We've done some of her free teleclasses in the past and really enjoyed them. 

Supercharged Science offers science curriculum that you can purchase as well as e-classes.  Right now, she is offering a summer e-camp full of fun experiments and adventures into the world of science.  To kick off this summer e-camp, she is offering a free sampling of some of what will be included.  Just go to this page at Supercharged Science and enter your e-mail address.  You'll then be able to download the experiments and information.  I've done this myself and didn't have any problems.  Though, expect that you'll get e-mails from Supercharged Science on a regular basis (which I'm sure you can opt out of if you like).

Hint:  I set up a free e-mail site that I use only for things like this - where I have to sign up using an e-mail address.  That way, any commercial or "junk" e-mail is directed there instead of my personal e-mail inbox.  Google, yahoo, and several others offer free e-mail services.


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