Monday, May 2, 2011

Guitar Lesson? Why, Thank You!

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We have a guitar - a cheap one we bought to satisfy our curiosity of whether or not we coulda been rock stars. [Verdict = no.]  While its fun to plink around on, it would be so much more fun if we actually knew what we were doing!  But, escaping to guitar lessons isn't in our game plan right now. 

Online lessons, however, sound doable.

I was pleased to learn about Jamplay which offers guitar lessons online for a reasonable rate (acoustic and electric).  They offer a look at some free lessons to get a feel for how the lessons work before signing up for a monthly rate.
Curious, I looked into these further.  There are advantages and disadvantages to taking online music lessons.  With Jamplay, I like that there are many different teachers.  So, if you don't like one, you may like another.  You simply sit and watch the videos you want and go from there.  These lessons range from starting at the very beginning of learning about the guitar to advanced lessons on genre and technique.  And, these aren't just hack lessons where you learn a few chords and then a list of songs to use them in (Well...I'm sure you can do that too.).  But, you also learn about tableture, reading music, theory, and techniques.  Along with the lessons, you can learn how to play hundreds of different songs.  Have a question that you would like help with?  You can log in and do a live chat with a teacher or e-mail in a question.  I am actually impressed with this site.  And, if you decide that these lessons aren't working for you, you can either take advantage of the money back guarantee or simply cancel your subscription. 

These lessons are done via online videos so you would need some sort of high speed connection in order for these to work for you.

Taking online music lessons does take an extra dose of dedication since you won't have that weekly face to face meeting with your teacher to urge you on to practice.  But, if you do practice and apply yourself, I think these lessons will be of great value.

Oh, and if you are interested in guitar lessons for your kids, there are lessons on Jamplay directed specifically toward the younger set.  I asked my son if he were interested and he sat down for a lesson.  He said it was "alright."  Later, he asked to sit down for another lessons.  Hmmmmm....

Have fun!

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