Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bugs for Science

Personal photo.  Horse Lubber grasshopper, AZ.
Recently, when digging in our garden I found a couple of absolutely disgusting...uh...specimens of the living creepy crawly kind.  [shiver]

I'm not fond of bugs.  But, as a homeschool mom, I feel its my duty to encourage my kids to learn a myriad of things including the fascinating world of bugs, insects, and creepy crawlies.  As these critters are in abundance during the warm months of the year, we are thus provided with some great free science lessons.  

I was interested to figure out what exactly that writhing thing was that I dug up.  In my search I came across What's That Bug?  It's an interesting site, really.  If you are ever doing a study on insects, or even if you just want to figure out what that was crawling up your leg, this site has some good pictures and information for you.  People from all over the world have written in with pictures to ask, "What is this?"

More great photos of bugs etc. can be found at the Bug Guide

A few other sites to find bug related lesson material:
Orkin :  Lesson plans and pictures.
Orkin :  Another Orkin site, this time with games, etc.
ABC Teach :  Lots of bug related worksheets mostly for elementary ages.
Enchanted Learning : Insect worksheets.  Some worksheets only available to members.
Enchanted Learning : More resources from Enchanted Learning about insects.  Again, not all are available to non-members.
Oklahoma Homeschool site : A unit study on insects with lots of links and learning resources.
Easy Fun School : Another unit study put together about insects.  A few links to websites at the bottom.

What have I learned from these sites?  I've learned that I much prefer seeing pictures of bugs on my computer screen than seeing them in real life, that a bug fearing person like myself shouldn't live anywhere near the Equator, and that I shouldn't view these sites just before bed.


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  1. An awesome picture!
    I'm bookmarking the bug links, etc. Thanks. =)
    Well, there's too many here for me to link to from my Biology tab, so I'll just link to your post!



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