Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ancient Rome

We are currently studying Ancient Rome in our homeschool.  Its been very interesting. 

While doing some searching for visuals and such to supplement our readings, I came across this site with an Ancient Rome Unit Study.

What a treasure trove!  This site has links to all kinds of information on Ancient Rome including a couple of video clips, crafts, geography, and more.  This is a great site to look into if you are doing a study on Ancient Rome.

Going off a couple of the videos from the site, if you go to Youtube and search for "Horrible Histories Ancient Rome" you'll get a list of videos put out by the BBC.  They are historical but done in a fun and entertaining way.  The kids love them.  But, of course, take precaution when you go to Youtube since inappropriate videos can easily be accessed by young ones.  It's my personal recommendation that you always sit with your kids when they view videos on Youtube and / or set safety mode on the site.


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