Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last couple of homeschool conferences I attended, there was an emphasis on teaching our kids about a Christian worldview.  What does that mean?  Simply, it means to look at and judge what we view through the lens of our faith.  Truthfully, everyone has some sort of worldview but many just don't realize it.  In the times that we are in I believe it is important to not only teach our kids about their faith, but how to live it, to have a Christian worldview.

So, how do we help our children in this area?  A number of resources are available to help us teach this to our children.   Apologia is just such a resource.  They offer the ever popular Apologia science curriculum as well as other books and online classes.  We've been enjoying the What We Believe series very much for helping to teach our elementary aged kids about worldview.  And, while I've been teaching worldview, I've also been challenged in my own thinking and grown to better understanding.  This stuff isn't just for kids.  We've got to live it as an example too.  Be sure to check out resources and articles for yourself while visiting these sites.

Answers in Genesis has a vast array of materials that we can use (this is the group that operates the Creation Museum).  Much of their resources focus on the Genesis account of creation and refuting evolution.  This topic tends to be one that can be stumbling block for many and so its worth a look if you want to teach worldview.  Various curriculum resources are available for all ages.

Summit Ministries is also devoted to teaching Christian worldview.  They actually publish the What We Believe series with Apologia.  If you take a look at their curriculum page, you'll find a number of resources available.  Summit Ministries also offers conferences on Worldview for both students and adults.  "Very pricey" was my first thought when I saw the information on these conferences.  But, if you really want to equip your students in this area, you can find a way.  Limited scholarships are available.  If you click under the "student" conference tab, you'll see some good books for worldview instruction.

Last, I wanted to mention Worldview Academy.  This is an intense summer camp experience where high school students get empowered and educated in Christian worldview.  I've talked to a few former students who came away saying it was powerful stuff.  Yes, the price tag is high.  If you think you would be interested in having your kids go sometime down the line, now is the time to start planning those summer chores so they can earn their way.  A scholarship is also available but the deadline is May 15th per the website.  Or, if you know someone who has gone to the camp in the past, they may have a code you can use to get a discount.  This would be a great sendoff for students leaving for college or even to equip students to face the difficulties of  being a part of the teen generation these days.

Remember to equip your children in every area - their standing and view of the world through their faith included.


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