Monday, April 25, 2011

Rootin' Around

Do you teach your kids word roots? 

I hadn't really heard of this until I started homeschooling my own kids.  Now it seems like each year there's a new curriculum out that will teach your kids word roots - the Latin or Greek root of a word.  We've even tried a couple of them ourselves (English from the Roots Up and Word Roots Beginning.) 

Unfortunately, while I thought these were both excellent curriculums, my kids just didn't get it.  So, we shelved these and will try to get back to them later.   And, yes, I do think that word roots are worth learning.  When I went to college I could have definitely benefited from knowing what the word roots meant.  And, somewhere along the way I read that knowing word roots will help our kids have a better understanding of vocabulary and language as well as to score higher on tests. 

I happened upon a wonderful website for not only practicing word roots, suffixes, and prefixes, but for reviewing a host of other parts of speech, vocabularyspelling and even typing practice.  You can even practice foreign language vocabulary on this site.  For those of you teaching your kids Latin, this site also has a list of Latin - English games (click on the foreign language games link).  Really, take a look at  There's tons there.   The games on the site are appropriate for pre-K through high school.

Happy learning!


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