Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preschool School

I have a preschooler.  Do you? 

Technically, perhaps she's still a bit young to call her "preschool" but she is yearning to learn.   That, and she needs to be occupied.  What happens when she's not occupied and I'm busy doing other things?

Why yes, that is permanent marker on my couch. 

(I wish she'd yearn to learn potty training - but, that's for another time....maybe...if I'm not to traumatized by the whole ordeal)   Getting back to the original subject...

When our kids show an interest in learning, we are wise to capitalize on that.  But, do we need expensive curriculums and workbooks to accomplish that?  My personal feeling is "No."  A membership to a good library, the time and willingness to read aloud to your child(ren), and a few free resources and you can be well on your way to a decent preschool education.

What free resources can we use with our preschoolers?

I really like using Brightly Beaming Resources lessons.  They're free and easy to implement.  She has lessons listed for babies through age 11.  For the older kids, its not a complete curriculum by far.  I have personally only used this for my preschoolers and they always loved the Letter of the Week lessons and activities.

Everything Preschool has some coloring pages to print and use.  Since preschoolers really don't need lessons that last more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time, I can easily see printing off some themed coloring pages and building a lesson around that.  For example, printing off some coloring pages of fish, then checking out books on fish or fish stories at the library, making play-doh fish, and even playing games like Go Fish.  You could even go on a field trip and see the fish in the aquariums at the local pet store. 

See, now your little one is part of the action of school during the day just like her siblings.  And, she has something to show off to Dad when he comes home!


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