Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovin' Spring

My personal photo.  Bradford pear blossoms.
I am so done with winter!  Spring - bring it!

For me, each season has its benefits and I can easily find things to love about them all.  But, honestly, I am soooo ready for Spring.  While we aren't done with frost and light freezes in my neck of the woods, for the most part Spring has been born.  Yay!!

Even the birdies say its time for spring! 
The goldfinches have turned from a dull brown to bright yellow.

A little while ago I blogged about starting a garden.  The temperatures finally got to the point where we could plant some cool weather veggies from seed.  We are excited to see how our garden grows.  Here's how it looks:

The baskets on the side are where our potato plants will grow.  Or, at least they're supposed to grow.  [crossing fingers]  As we are short on garden equipment such as a tiller and a strong back, we decided instead to build a raised bed.  I used these instructions that I found on the Pioneer Woman website.  Easy peasy.  Only, I let the lady at the store talk me into using cedar because its resistant to bugs and holds up well outside.  Well...perhaps those were good reasons to use cedar but it costs MUCH more than the plain pine boards I was going to use.  Well, live and learn.

What's with the squares on the garden?  I'm using the Square Foot Gardening technique.  I used to have a book on it...or still do but can't find it [sigh]  Either way, its a proven way of getting high yield out of a small garden.  Many gardening companies now even sell square foot garden kits. 

Anyway...just thought I would share a little of what's going on around here today.


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