Friday, April 22, 2011


I am all for saving money.  So, when I came across a number of booths for vacation destinations at the homeschool convention that offered discounts for homeschoolers, I immediately grabbed some information.

Many vacation spots will offer special days during the year where homeschoolers can come and enjoy the destination for a discount.  For example, Jamestown Settlement has homeschool days with discounted rates.  And, its an educational destination.  How perfect is that?!

Disney Youth Programs also offers a Homeschool Day discount as well as multiple programs throughout the year.  Lots of opportunities to learn something new are available while you're visiting a Disney park.

Like roller coasters?  Check out the Six Flags website.  Choose the park nearest you and search for when they are hosting the next Education Day where they close the park to everyone but school kids.  You can even search your park of choice for other educational opportunities.  And here I thought they only offered rides.  Huh. 

So, if you have a vacation destination near you whether it be an amusement park, resort, or other type of getaway, see if they offer special savings for homeschoolers.  You never know, it may be worth it!


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