Friday, April 8, 2011

Comp Sci Take 2

First, I just wanted to be clear that I wasn't bashing any of the computer science programs I mentioned yesterday.  They all look like fine curriculums to me.  I just know what I'm looking for now and the ones I saw didn't really fit with what I was thinking of.  But, once we get off and running, perhaps we'll re-visit those curriculums to see if they will fit our needs.

My sister (who makes up half my readership) read my blog yesterday and gave me some direction with the whole computer science curriculum concern I had.  My thought was to introduce my son to the very basics of computer information first, then move on to do some work on it like word processing and such.  "L" (that's my sis) did a fabulous job of finding exactly what I was looking for.  Why can't I ever find these websites?

Anyway, I had to share.  You can find 10 lessons on the basics of computers at Kaboose.  These are basic lesson on what the parts of the computer are and a little on how it works.  The dialogue is geared toward the student and you can print off worksheets to go with the lesson if you choose. 

L also directed me to the Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center - Kid's Corner.  Here there are some beginner lessons on programming.  I did click on a few lessons to see how they worked and the ones I read said they were for high-schoolers.  That's a bit advanced for us, but I'll keep it in mind.  With technology moving along the way it is, I don't doubt that soon my son's capabilities will outpace my learning curve (especially since I only recently learned how to enter a phone number in my cell phone I hardly ever use).  It's nice to find resources that I can use for his learning.


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