Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Become a Web Ranger

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A Web Ranger?

This is a program put forth by the National Park Service akin to their Jr. Ranger program.  Apparently I picked up a brochure on this a while ago.  I found it buried amongst other debris in my fortress of solitude our home office.  Intrigued, I visited the site to see what this was all about.

My impression...

The Web Ranger website is an informative, educational, and fun site I can see sending my kids to for fun time during school or even on their own for a safe and fun website.

At this site, you can either enter as a visitor and just enjoy the games and activities.  Or, you can register and track your progress.  If you register you can also enjoy things like customizing your own virtual ranger station, tracking your progress with what you've learned, and even earn a WebRanger patch.

And, of course, it's not all just about fun and games.  You can learn facts about history, science, and nature while completing the games and activities.

Totally cool!


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