Monday, April 11, 2011

Aaaah! I don't have time!

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It seems that activities have picked up and I am constantly finding myself trying to get our schoolwork done early so we can get somewhere on time. 

Then, dinnertime comes and there's nothing prepared to eat.

While I'm sure my family would love to live on pizza and fast food, I know its not the best for us.  There are a number of ways to organize your mealtimes.  Lately, I've really appreciated the invention of the crock pot (which I now believe was divinely inspired).  But, I also ran into a brick wall with it.  I have about 3 main course and 2 soup recipes that I have that can go in the crock pot (or rather, that my family will eat - another story).  We get tired of the same menu each week.  So, a friend suggested the website A Year of Slow Cooking.  The site is full of crock pot recipes of all sorts.  I especially like that the author has tried them all herself and offers frank, honest opinions about how each turned out.  And, for those who are concerned, I believe all her recipes are gluten free (or, at least she uses GF ingredients).  If you're like me, and like to have the recipes on hand instead of having to run to the computer each day, try her books Make it Fast, Cook it Slow and More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow.

Time to go get something together for the crock pot.


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